Newsletter - October 2018

EC newsletter oct18

It has been a long journey but we finally have a working service for managing excise!  


We wish to thank all of our trial clients and supporters for their patience as we pushed through the technical and design challenges that slowed us down. We’re offering an exclusive early free trial of our upcoming release just for you.


But first a revelation:  we made a mistake.


Our original approach to saving a brewery’s time and effort on managing excise was to integrate our service with the systems that breweries use already.  We had thought the most common accounting and point-of-sale software were reliable sources of information for breweries.


We found out the hard way they are not.


Producing a reliable Excise report is not possible without a reliable source of information.  And this delay has cost us a lot of time and resources which is unfortunate but part of the learning experience for our small business.


We applied for some assistance from the Queensland Government, seeing as how accommodating they were in assisting another large foreign-owned brewery to set up in Brisbane.


With the strong letters of support from our supporting breweries we applied for Tier 1 funding under Round 4 of the Ignite Ideas Fund.  Unfortunately our application was unsuccessful, but we may be able to apply for Round 5 if it becomes available.


We successfully applied for a small amount of assistance under the Small Business Digital Grants Program (Round 4) which reimburses up to 50% of the cost to develop much needed enhancements for our latest version.


During May-August, while our development team in Brisbane were working out the technical issues, we participated in Austrade's Australian Landing Pad program in Berlin.  We met with a range of different breweries in Germany, Czech Republic, France and Italy to learn the way they operate and how to make Excise Cloud a leading world-class service.


Determined to create the global standard for excise management software, we’ve since modified our service to produce its own reliable data for calculating excise.  And we’re staying true to our values of keeping it simple, making it easier, and automating excise management.


We’re excited to have developed it with our team of developers right here in Brisbane.


Try out our excise management with a free 30-day trial to see for yourself why Excise Cloud is truly a better way of managing excise on beer.  


From the whole team - cheers!